Have you had phone sex lately?

Phone sex was once a huge industry.  Born back in the days when the Feds ended the phone companies’ monopoly on recorded phone messages, this was literally a print your own money type of business and why not.  All you needed was money for advertising (who remembers those nightly TV commercials where, for 5 bucks a minute you could confess just about anything to a sultry lady?), people with sexy voices (it didn’t matter what they looked like) and a telephone exchange and you were set.

It was such a profitable industry that it was estimated that cheap phone sex operators were pulling upwards of $2 billion in the United States alone.  Ok, when I say operators, I certainly do not refer to the ladies who were answering those phone calls, but rather the suits and their big cigars behind them, pulling the strings and laughing all the way to the bank. And of course the word “cheap” is entirely relative.


Nevertheless it was easy and there was nothing quite like it out there.  Then came the internet and with it, an entirely new industry was born, one where the visual trumped the audio.  And with each passing year, the phonesex industry has lost ground and whilst it has not been relegated to the history books, it’s certainly not what it was not even 3 decades ago.

Be that as it may, phone sex still has its place in the adult industry, not least because it enables people to delve into their own sexual desires in ways that is unique to that industry.  There is indeed something inherently intriguing in the relationship between a caller and the operator he has never seen before.  Being as it an exercise of fantasy, operators use nicknames, pose as different people and never quite look like the picture they show of themselves on any site.

And this is possibly why it is still such thriving industry.  I calls upon our ability to fantasize.  When we speak to a stranger and share with her our inner most secret desires, a connection is made that exists no where else.

People often think that all phone sex operators talk about is sex, but very often, a lot of listening is what takes place and their role is not so much about fulfilling latent unexplored fantasies but to lend an attentive ear to a caller who needs a friendly ear.

Here is a bad quality collection of Cable’s USA Network late Friday and Saturday nightly ads and I swear I have nothing to do with the creation or development of this ad. It’s 6 minutes long… You’ve been warned